Matt's Market Commentary

June 2015 Investment Update

In this recap, we cover the prior month and YTD performance, touch on current asset allocation of our tactical models, as well as the most up to date economic analysis of our proprietary economic model – the Recession Probability Index. [...]

How to handle this (painful) sideways market

After 3 strong market years the last 6 months has been downright frustrating for many investors. The S&P 500 has come close to breaking into new all-time highs on 3 occasions the past few months, only to fail each time and retreat. To many, this feels like the end of the bull market, and a... [...]

Financial Market Update - December 12, 2014

Happy Sunday, everyone!Given that we're in full swing holiday mode, I was planning to talk about the MANY benefits of philanthropic giving.  However, as you probably know by now, my #1 priority is to ensure that my clients, prospects, and associa [...]

Financial Market Update - October 13, 2014

Good afternoon!Today, I'm interrupting my normal weekly blog flow with a financial market update.  I don't always post financial market updates, but when I do, it's timely and informative!The market has been very choppy lately, and I thought [...]

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